Flexible design


Heleen Sintobin is a Belgian furniture designer, who has a background in interior architecture. During her studies in Norway she got fascinated by the interaction between structures and movements and developed a passion for design. Heleen is currently studying MA Design Products at the Royal College of Art, London. Inspired by daily life, ancient and future making methods, her work strives to convey the power of materials in a contemporary design context.

Internship: RenS (2013)
Awards: Winner of MÃ¥nedens design
2013 Blomqvist (Project Armadillo)
Winner of VITRA Benelux Academic
Architecture Award 2014 (essay)

Craft The Leather 2017, Lineapelle, Milan, 2018
WIP Show Royal College of Art London, UK, 2018
Ventura Interieur,
Kortrijk (Armadillo - Pichi Pillow, 2014)
Stockholm Furniture Fair, Greenhouse (Armadillo, 2013)
DOGA, Oslo (Armadillo 2013)
Expo Nova Møbelgalleri, Oslo (Armadillo 2013)
Blomqvist Art Gallery, Oslo (Armadillo 2013)
Winner of Craft The Leather edition 2017 (Tartufo Collection)

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